How Can I Connect?

Serving in an area of ministry that you enjoy is a great way to get involved and make a connection here at New Life. Do you feel God nudging you to join the team? Or maybe you are interested in just participating in a ministry rather than leading it. Either way, feel free to talk to any of the ministry leaders to find out more about opportunities to serve!


Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our outreach to others around us. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. At New Life, volunteers are involved in a variety of ministries.  See below for some of the ways you can connect and share your gifts and talents with others.


Small Groups

Small Groups are a way to connect with other families within the New Life Family. In small groups questions can be asked and answered, additionally it’s a great way to develop lasting relationships with your friends and neighbors as we walk through life together. Topics, dates, and times will vary throughout the year. Please see Pastor Tony or Wanda Dorsing for more details.

Plugged In Events

This ministry involves planning, organizing, or just participating in social events at New Life Fellowship (NLF).  The intention is to strengthen relationships among those who attend NLF regularly, as well as welcome and get to know those who are just checking it out.  These events provide a chance to get to know others in a relaxed, laid back, Christian environment.  These are activities that involve all ages.  Activities might include, but are not limited to game nights, sports day, bon fires, hayrides, movie nights and so on.  Often a pot-luck style meal accompanies the activity.  To find out more, or offer ideas for future Plugged In events, contact Brea Diaz.
Afternoon JAM

Afternoon JAM is a collaborative ministry of New Life.  Our leaders work with leaders from other Christian churches in the area, to serve all elementary aged children in the Royal City community. This is a chance for elementary aged kids to come learn Biblical principles in a fun, hands-on way.  There are songs, crafts, skits, games, teaching times and more.  For more information, contact Brea Diaz, or Robyn Valdez.


Young Life

Provides an opportunity for teenagers of Royal City to gather in a safe, non-threatening setting in order to gain a sense of belonging and to learn about themselves and the things of God. This ministry is intentionally focused on helping youth grow in their faith, and build positive relationships with other teens.  Dinner is provided, and crazy games and activities are planned for each session. In addition, there is a time of Biblical teaching, video clips, small or large group discussions, scripture search and other interactive activities.  For more information, contact Brea Diaz.

JAM (Jesus and Me)

Meets every Sunday during adult worship for children in grades K – 6th grade. Bible lessons are taught and activities provided that nurture children’s faith in Jesus Christ.  Kids join the whole congregation at 10 am for worship singing and announcements, then are dismissed to their classes for the rest of the Sunday morning meeting time.  For more information, contact Brea Diaz or Katie Allred.

Teen Talk

During the school year, Teen Talk meets during adult worship/sermon time. (Refer to the calendar for specific dates.) Teen Talk is for teenagers 7-12 grade. It’s a teaching/discussion time dealing with topics that teens care about. A safe place to ask questions, get answers and learn more about living their life for God.  Teens join the whole congregation at 10 am for worship singing and announcements, then are dismissed to the teen talk discussion for the rest of the Sunday morning meeting time.  For more information, contact Brea Diaz, Luis Valdez, Lisa Dorsing or Marc Smith.


Provides a care giving ministry for infants and toddlers that functions during adult worship on Sunday morning. Parents can be confident that their infant or toddler is being well taken care of by our loving and nurturing volunteers.  Nursery care starts at 10 am on Sunday mornings.  For more information, contact Cindy Scroggins.


The Worship Ministry leads the congregation into worship through music/ singing. The ministry is tasked with selecting songs that invite participation and help the congregation lift its voice to God in praise and thanksgiving during Sunday worship. The ministry prays for direction, chooses appropriate songs to complement the overall worship theme. The team practices on a weekly basis to provide a professional level of worship. The ministry teaches the congregation new songs as appropriate and carefully assesses and nurtures the congregation’s voice as well as the body of songs that are dearest to the congregation.  If you have musical talents and would like to be involved in the music ministry, contact Robyn Valdez or Stacie Cochran.


Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry strives to help women of all ages and stages of life connect with each other gain strength and encouragement from being with each other.  Throughout the year there are Bible studies during the day as well as in the evening to accommodate as many women as possible.  Find out how you can connect.  For more information, contact Christina Greer or Wanda Dorsing.


Care Team

The Care Team is great for people who just love to serve. The Care Team provide meals, emotional support, and caring ministries to families in our community who are receiving medical care and in other instances where “life” just happens and a little help is needed. Please see Camille Woodward for more information on how you can participate. Volunteers are always appreciated.


Hospitality/ Greeters Ministry

The Hospitality/Greeters Ministry helps make people feel welcome and comfortable. There are greeters and people who will help you get connected.  This ministry also provides food and coffee before Sunday Morning Worship and at other special events throughout the year. This ministry welcomes guests to New Life. If you love to visit and say hi to people or if you enjoy baking, this is a great way to be involved.  There are always opportunities for more volunteers.


NLF Decoration Ministry

The New Life Decorating Ministry works together to beautify our building and grounds for seasonal changes and special events. If you have a flare for decorating please see Robin Albert.

NLF Building Ministry

The New Life Building Ministry is for the “Tim the Tool Man Taylor’s” of the world. If you are handy with tools, electricity, plumbing, and a host of other things please see Les Dorsing Shawn Vetterick or any other of the building team members. They include: Mark Woodward, Steve Albert, Everett Vermeer, Jose Ramirez, Bryan Allred, Terry Cochran, and Wade Jones.


Need Prayer? We’ll Pray For You

Need prayer? We would love to pray for you. You can send us a message for prayer.